It's Called Granny Taught Me Because... She Really Did

Granny and Grandpa
Ken and Emma, my Granny and Grandpa.

It seems whenever I'm asked about one of my many (many, many) hobbies my answer is always the same: Granny (or Grandpa) taught me.

Regardless of my career successes, or my love of family, or my enjoyment of friends - creating something with my own hands has always provided a sense of peace, purpose and accomplishment unmatched by most of the modern daily grind.

To lose myself in the planning of a new woodworking project, or meal, or crochet pattern is a unique kind of freedom. I'm not worried about pleasing anyone other than myself. I don't have to fret over someone else's deadline. In fact, I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. I only have to... create.

There is, of course, the nostalgia of it all. I can recreate the toys and sewing projects my Granny so patiently and lovingly showed me how to create. I can make a meal that I loved as a child, and the flavors and aromas instantly transport me back to my first taste. Nostalgia is a time machine and I do so love to drive it.

But, I also like creating new memories. So, the things my Granny made for me - as wonderful as they were - are not necessarily what I want to feed my family. They're not always quite right for my home, or the home of my son. And that's where the "old crafts, new ways" comes in to play. Vintage, antique and retro trends and techniques may be lovely to remember, but they must sometimes be tweaked for modern living.

I've created Granny Taught Me - Old Crafts, New Ways© as an instruction-rich library of DIY nostalgia hobbies, vintage crafts, classic meals, retro fashions and antique-inspired decor. As you'll see, we use colorful, high-resolution photography to illustrate our projects. In some cases, we've created videos offering step-by-step, real-time instruction. And every project is accompanied by complete, easy-to-follow, written explanations.

My Granny could never have predicted that one day there would be something called a "website" very much in her honor - but she would have been humbled and happy. Even when I was a child, she knew that passing something down to me meant that a little piece of her would live on forever.

As will a bit of me now that I've shared these crafts with you.

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