Warm Your Heart with This DIY Valentine's Card

January 31, 2019

Warm your heart on a cold winter's day with this DIY Valentine's Day card. Make it as simple or sophisticated as you want!

finished Valentine's Day card
This design features a cut-out, see-through heart - but it can be simplified for young children who might just want to color in the heart.

You will need:

• the free Granny Taught Me DIY Valentine's Day card template, available here
• color pencils, markers, gel pens or crayons - whatever you prefer
• tubes of glitter glue, OR, white glue or glue stick and loose glitter
• either card stock on which to print the card double-sided, OR, standard printer paper to print the front and back separately
• scissors, OR, an Exacto knife (for adult use only)
• a cutting board or heavy scrap cardboard to protect work surface if using Exacto knife

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Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Download and print the template. If you're printing onto heavy paper, print it double-sided. If you're printing onto regular printer paper, print the front and back separately, then glue them together with a glue stick.
2. Our video offers suggestions for decorating and completing the card. Use our methods - or create a unique card of your own design!
3. Be certain to wait for the glue, glitter glue, or whatever else you might have used to fully dry before folding and sending your card.

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